How And Why To Integrate Tupelo Honey Into Your Diet

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How And Why To Integrate Tupelo Honey Into Your Diet

29 August 2022
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Tupelo honey is a specific type of honey that comes from the tupelo tree. It's only made by bees in areas where tupelo trees are common — which is the southern United States in Florida and Georgia. Tupelo honey is a little on the expensive side, but it's so worth including in your diet when possible. Here's a look at the benefits of eating more tupelo honey and also some recommendations for how you can use it.

Benefits of Tupelo Honey

One of the big benefits of tupelo honey is its antimicrobial qualities. When the bees make the honey, they inject certain compounds into it that fight against the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. This is one reason why honey can last so long without spoiling. These same compounds can help your body fight off pathogens. So, if you eat tupelo honey more often, you may find yourself becoming ill less often. If you do become sick, then the tupelo honey can help you recover sooner than you would otherwise.

Another benefit of tuplelo honey is its high fructose content. Because it contains more fructose and less sucrose than most sweeteners, your body absorbs it more slowly. It won't spike your blood sugar like other sweeteners, such as white sugar or corn syrup. As such, it can be better for insulin balance and overall health.

Using Tupelo Honey

You can, of course, simply eat some tupelo honey off a spoon. It's lightly sweet, and some people love enjoying it this way. However, if you get bored with this method, there are other ways to use it. You just need to be sure not to heat the honey because you don't want to break down the antimicrobial compounds or alter the sugar balance.

Try spreading some tupelo honey on toast. It is also delicious when drizzled over breakfast cereal or oatmeal. Some people stir a teaspoon or so into a cup of yogurt for a healthy treat.

Another good idea is adding some tupelo honey to a smoothie. It will give a smoothie an extra hint of sweetness and does a good job of covering the flavor of other healthy ingredients like kale or spinach.

Tupelo honey is a great health food to add to your diet. Whether you include it once a week, daily, or on occasion, it is both delicious and good for your general health.

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