What Makes Tupelo Honey So Special?

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What Makes Tupelo Honey So Special?

29 June 2021
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Honey has been used as a sweetener since ancient times. Many people still enjoy it today. Honey can be added to hot tea, used as a baking ingredient, or eaten straight from the jar. Clover honey is the variety most commonly found in grocery stores. However, other types of honey offer more exotic flavors, in addition to other desirable properties. Tupelo honey is a special type of honey made exclusively from tupelo tree blossoms. Here are four things that make tupelo honey special:

1. It must be harvested in particular areas.

Tupelo honey is a type of honey produced from the pollen of a single kind of flower. Tupelo trees only grow in specific places in the United States. According to Honey Traveler, tupelo honey is only made in parts of Georgia and Florida. The difficulty of obtaining tupelo honey increases its rarity and, therefore, its value. If you're lucky enough to find a jar of tupelo honey, you won't want to pass up the opportunity to purchase it.

2. It has a short production season.

Tupelo honey has a relatively short production season, especially when compared to other types of honey. Tupelo flowers only bloom for a short time, which means that honeybees have a limited time to gather pollen for their hives. Once the tupelo flowers stop blooming for the year, tupelo honey enthusiasts will need to wait until the following year to get their honey fix.

3. It is immune to the crystallization that affects most varieties of honey.

Most types of honey crystallize over time. This occurs because the sugars present inside the honey change shape over time. However, tupelo honey contains unique proportions of fructose and glucose, the two types of honey present in honey. Because tupelo honey is primarily made of fructose, it will not crystallize. This is great news for anyone who wants their honey to remain smooth and pourable, no matter how long it sits in their cupboard.

4. It is less likely to spike blood sugar levels.

Sweet things make excellent treats, but sugary foods affect the human body. Simple sugars can elevate a person's blood sugar, causing a rapid spike that may cause unpleasant physical symptoms. Fortunately, tupelo honey has less of an impact on blood sugar levels due to its unique chemical structure. Of course, people with diabetes and other medical concerns should always ask their doctors before adding any new food to their diets.