Making That Energy Supplement Last

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Making That Energy Supplement Last

6 August 2020
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Energy drinks and supplements give you that boost when you are tired or feeling brain-foggy. A lot of the beneficial effects of energy supplements are due to common ingredients like caffeine and sugar, often along with certain vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12. When you are very tired, taking those first few sips of an energy drink can bring a welcome alertness. How do you make that alert feeling last so that you don't have to slam energy drink after energy drink?

Nurse It

Drink the supplement at a moderate pace. If you down the entire thing in a couple of minutes, you'll get that huge initial boost in alertness and energy, but then it could fade rather quickly. If you measure out how fast you drink it -- a sip now, a sip a couple of minutes later, and so on -- you can extend that alertness and make it less of an energetic roller coaster ride. Too much caffeine or sugar can make some people jittery, too, so drinking the supplement at a more leisurely and measured pace helps avoid that issue.

Don't Overdo It if Sugar Is a Major Ingredient

For some, a jolt of sugar is an energetic godsend, perking them up and allowing them to complete tasks instead of nodding off. For others, sugar provides an initial jolt of energy that fades suddenly, leaving them more tired than before -- basically a sugar crash. If the supplement you want to take has sugar as one of its main ingredients, be careful about how much you consume until you get a better idea of how easily your energy fades due to a sugar crash. If you already know you can't handle sugar, look for supplements that rely more on caffeine.

Don't Combine Them With Alcohol

Please don't mix your energy drink with alcohol. It may seem like the coolest cocktail of the hour, but the alcohol can make you more tired over the course of a few hours. Plus, it can lower your inhibitions and make it harder for you to resist drinking more energy drinks too quickly. Plus, there have been reports of people experiencing heart issues after drinking mixtures of energy drinks and alcohol.

Moderation really is key when trying to extend the alert feeling from an energy drink. Start with one that has a sugar level you know you can deal with, drink the supplement slowly, and avoid mixing it with other substances that could change your alertness level for the worse. Energy drinks come in tasty flavors like peach mango supplement, so you shouldn't have to mix them with other substances to give them a great taste.