Herbal Colic Relief Tea: FAQs From Parents

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Herbal Colic Relief Tea: FAQs From Parents

17 December 2019
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If you're constantly walking the floors, rocking and patting your baby, and taking trips to the doctor, you may have a colicky baby. If you do, you will go to great lengths to get some help for your child (and you). Herbal colic relief tea may help. Here is a look at a few things most parents want to know about this natural remedy for colic. 

Is herbal colic relief tea safe for babies?

Your biggest concern is probably going to be whether or not herbal tea is safe to give your infant. Since infants are more prone to food allergies and other health concerns, it is natural to be concerned. In general, herbal teas are considered safe as long as they are made with the proper ingredients. A publication by the American Academy of Pediatrics noted that herbal teas were the most effective at relieving colic compared to other methods, such as massage or probiotics. If you are unsure of whether or not to give your colicky infant herbal tea, speak to your pediatrician about your concerns because this is the best way to get reliable guidance. 

How do you find the best colic relief tea?

There are numerous teas on the market that are meant for use for colic relief, but naturally, not every product you find is going to be the same or of the same quality. To make sure you are getting the best products, do these things: 

  • Buy the tea only from a well-known and trusted source 
  • Make sure the ingredients are clearly listed on the product label 
  • Only use the tea if it is in a sealed container upon arrival 
  • Make sure the tea is made with only natural ingredients without additives

If you have any questions about a product, it is always a good idea to discuss the product with your pediatrician to ensure it is safe. 

How much herbal colic relief tea do you give your baby?

Most of the best teas out there for colic will give you direct guidelines about how to prepare the tea and how much you should give your baby. However, these usage guidelines will also come with the caveat that you should always consult a physician first to make sure the tea is safe for your baby specifically and to find out how much tea you should give your infant. All babies are different and have varied health concerns to consider before you give them an herbal product.