Feeding Your Baby Healthy Solid Foods

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Feeding Your Baby Healthy Solid Foods

10 May 2019
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Breastfeeding a baby is a precious time of bonding with the mother, and it is during this time that the baby's diet is as simple as it is ever going to be. However, once they move on to solid food, you'll have a bit more to think about, and should make the best decisions you can. If you are looking into what to feed your baby when this time comes, use the tips below as a guideline. 

Make sure that your child is only eating products that are made with real food, featuring ingredients you understand

You will likely want to run out and find the best breakfast, snacks, and dinners for your baby. No matter what you end up buying, be sure that it is made with real food ingredients, with little to no processes. Buying organic baby cereal that is made with actual plant-based food will help your baby grow healthy and strong. When you purchase foods with artificial flavors and sweeteners, you open your baby up to digestive issues and health complications, as opposed to giving them real food that comes from the earth. 

Always read the label and go with baby cereals that are organic and Non-GMO to be sure your baby is getting healthy nutrients, to include a good balance of vitamins, minerals and fiber. This will help them grow and build their bones nice and strong, while also taking care of their internal organs. 

Look into supplementation whenever you can

You should cut out snacks and treats when at all possible. Your growing child will have all their lives to eat sweets and junk food, but right now you should be giving them the chance to develop properly, and this means feeding them foods that fortify them and protect their immune system. 

You can supplement your child's health by looking into baby vitamins that will also help them grow. You can also give your baby some healthy foods like chlorella and spirulina in order to protect their brains and to give them lots of plant-based protein. Giving your child a few teaspoons of Irish Moss can also work wonders for their health, in that it gives them a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals that they can't get from every food source. 

Since your baby is your bundle of joy, you need to take every precaution possible when it comes to feeding them quality, healthy foods.