3 Foods That Are High In Good Carbohydrates

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3 Foods That Are High In Good Carbohydrates

28 February 2019
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When you typically hear of carbohydrates, you assume that all of them are bad for you and your waist line. However, carbohydrates can actually give you energy and help you burn fats more easily. However, not all carbohydrates are created equal. For instance, you don't want to down a bunch of white bread and cookies because they contain a lot of added sugar. So, what kinds of carbohydrate rich foods should you eat that are healthier for you? 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a nutrient dense food that are also really high in carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes contain a variety of minerals and vitamins like vitamin c and potassium (both of which are critical for a healthier life style). Plus, one of the great things about sweet potatoes is that you can cook them in a variety of different ways. For instance, you can make sweet potato fries, sweet potato gnocchi, sweet potato breakfast hash, and whatever else. Try substituting regular potatoes for sweet potatoes the next time you cook or eat out at a restaurant. 

Carbohydrate Rich Beverages

No, you aren't going to want to drink a bunch of soda and call it healthy, but there are carbohydrate rich beverage products out there that contain carbs to help you get through a big exercise or to start your day. Typically, these beverages contain not only carbohydrates to give you energy, but they contain a bunch of vitamins and minerals as well. When drinking one of these beverages, make sure that you only drink it in the morning or before a big workout, otherwise you are getting excess calories that your body doesn't need. 

Whole Grain

Whole grains are heart healthy and a great alternative to other products. For instance, rather than buying traditional spaghetti, consider getting whole grain spaghetti as well; it is full of more nutrients and better for your waist line. Additionally, rather than buying white sandwich bread, buy wheat bread instead. Even though you may think that switching to whole grain is going to be hard, you can find a bunch of whole grain products out there that you like. 

If you are underweight, training for a big sporting event or you just need more energy in the mornings, then adding more carbohydrates to your diet may be necessary. But, before you add just any carbs, make sure that you choose the right ones. To learn more, contact a nutritionist near you and ask for help.