Beating Sugar Cravings With Keto

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Beating Sugar Cravings With Keto

27 October 2017
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When it comes to staying faithful to a diet, one of the toughest things to do is to avoid giving in to cravings for sugar. These cravings can be hard to beat, but not all diets will leave you endlessly craving sugar. If you've given up on your diet in the past because you couldn't resist the sugar craving, it's time to give keto a try.

Why You Crave Sugar (Insulin, Glucose)

Sugar is one of the most prevalent forms of energy a person can consume. Glucose - sugar in its natural form - provides energy to your muscles and brain, too. It's natural to want to consume sugar, but excessive sugar cravings are a problem.

One of the biggest issues that triggers sugar cravings is having a major insulin spike after consuming sugar. This is the body's way of preventing blood sugar from skyrocketing out of control. However, too much insulin can have the unwanted opposite effect - you end up having your blood sugar plummet after you've stopped eating the sugar. This means your body tells your brain that it needs more sugar in order to equalize your blood sugar levels, and the cravings begin anew.

Why Keto Prevents This Urge (Ketones, no Insulin Spikes)

Keto, also known as ketosis, skips sugar entirely and utilizes ketones for energy instead. Ketones are produced by breaking down fat in the liver. Ketones can be used by the muscles and the brain, just like glucose, but have no effect on blood sugar. This means that you can get through your day without having your insulin spike, your blood sugar drop, and your body demand sugar to make up for it.

When you're on keto, you eat fat instead of sugar in order to provide energy to your body. This may sound unusual, but since the body is capable of breaking down fat into ketones, it actually works quite well. The fat you consume is immediately converted into energy instead of being stored, so you end up losing more fat than you consume.

How To Get Started

Keto is a great diet to follow, but it's a good idea to seek guidance before beginning any new diet. Working with a diet planner or a program is a good way to begin your keto journey. Since keto is based upon science and carefully-balanced intake of fat and calories, it's a good idea to have help in the early stages of this diet.

In essence, you will be cutting your carbohydrates and sugar to almost nothing on a daily basis. To make up for it, you'll be eating leafy greens, fat, protein, and a healthy amount of calories to create enough of a deficit to lose weight. While the initial introductory period may be tough as you wean yourself off of sugar and carbs, you will soon feel satiated and no longer have the urges that can derail even the best of diets.

Ketosis is a diet that works and many people have lost the weight and kept it off as a result. If you're looking for a diet that will keep your cravings at bay, look no further than keto. Contact a company, like Midwest Fat Loss, for more help.