What To Look For When Buying An Alkaline Pitcher

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What To Look For When Buying An Alkaline Pitcher

20 April 2016
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Alkaline pitchers can be used to filter your water. They are cheaper than buying bottled water and can be less of a hassle than attaching a filtration system onto your sink. There are also many suspected health benefits of drinking alkaline water, though studies have yet to conclusively prove if any of these benefits are true. However, not all alkaline pitchers are the same. There are many difference between the types that are on the market. Some of the differences that you may know about include pitcher size and the initial cost of the pitcher. But there are many other features that vary and are equally as important to pay attention to. Here are a few of the factors you want to pay attention to when buying an alkaline pitcher.

What Material the Pitcher is Made From

One factor you need to consider when buying an alkaline pitcher is what material the pitcher is made from. The majority of these pitchers are made from some sort of plastic. However, different types of plastic may contain BPA. BPA can leach through the plastic into your drinking water, and is suspected of causing numerous problems. Looking for a plastic pitcher that states that it is BPA-free or finding a glass alkaline pitcher are two ways to protect yourself from this.

How Often the Filter Needs to Be Replaced

Another factor to consider as you are shopping around for an alkaline pitcher is how often the filter needs to be replaced. There are many factors that affect how often a filter needs to be replaced including the size of the filter, how much water the pitcher holds, how frequently you fill up the pitcher and how many minerals your home water has. As such, it is hard for a manufacturer to specify how often your filter will need to be replaced. However, reading the specifications for each product will give you an idea as to how frequently the manufacturer states most people should replace their filter. This is typically every 60 days, though some filters may be as frequently as every 30 days or as infrequently as once every six months. Since filters cost money, you want to find a system that needs to be replaced as little as possible. If you drink a lot of water, and you buy a pitcher that needs filter replacement often, you may spend a lot of money on the system over time.

How Much it Costs to Replace the Filter

And speaking of spending money on filters for an alkaline pitcher, the last factor you want to consider is how much replacement filters cost. The cost of filters varies from one system to another. Some filters can cost $13 each, while others may be $33 each or more. This is a big difference. Figuring out how much the replacement filters for a particular pitcher cost before you buy the filter can help ward off surprise if the you have selected a pitcher with high replacement filter costs. Also, consider how readily available the filters are. This can help make it easier to pick them up at a big box store or warehouse store when you run out.

There are many factors to consider when searching for an alkaline pitcher. Learning what factors you need to consider can help ensure that the alkaline pitcher you select best meets your needs.